Coleman Camping


Coleman Camping

Communicating the small joys of camping to a broader audience. 


the little brief

Brand: Coleman is the most accessible camping brand. 

Problem: People of color are increasingly being introduced to outdoor activities, yet camping brands still aren't talking to them. 

Target: The Unlikely Camper: they haven't camped before, but would be willing to ease into it.

Insight:  Camping should be approachable, not aspirational.

Strategy: Coleman lets you see the bright side of being outdoors. 

Concept: Venture together.


The Brand

In the overall landscape, Coleman is the most accessible camping brand. 

Coleman is synonymous with mass market outdoor recreational gear and most renowned for its iconic lantern and little green grill. The brand's assortment of products feature a combination of quality, price, and availability as it overflows the sporting goods aisles of major retailers including Walmart, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc. 

The Problem

Screenshot 2018-04-13 10.47.06.png

Participation in outdoor activities skews white to the point where there is an "adventure gap". Don't believe me? Try for yourself: Close your eyes and think of the typical consumer segments of those you'd define as "outdoorsy": 

  • The Wanderlust Explorer
  • The Camping Enthusiast
  • The Challenge Accepter

More than likely, the people you thought of were white, which is no surprise to the category as a whole. But, why should it matter that 30% of America's outdoor junkies are people of color

Because that number is growing, and there is an audience that's excluded by outdoor brands

In fact, Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic to participate in outdoor activities. 


We're talking to the Unlikely Camper*
*(inspired by the Unlikely Hiker movement)

These are the people who haven't been represented in outdoor culture before, but are aware of the popularity of the "great outdoors" mindset in American culture. Because of this, they wouldn't say no to an opportunity to go camping, but would need to "ease into it".


Becoming one with nature becomes a low priority in the grand scheme of life when the Great Outdoors seems more like a natural disaster than an adventure

When life is spent working hard to afford even the smallest of luxuries, the idea of eating, drinking, and sleeping outdoors seems outlandish.

An approachable activity to this target looks like something that can:

  • Allow them to spend more time with friends and family 
  • Contribute to their emotional well-being
  • Reduce stress


Camping should be approachable, not aspirational

Culturally you can’t get interested in going off the grid when you’re still trying to prove to people you can afford to live on it.
— Amanda Machado, Latinx Hiker


Coleman lets you see the bright side of being outdoors. 

Creative concept

Venture together.

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the team

Clayton Notestine, Copywriter
Dylan Ranson, Art Director